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There is a no particular duration in the course, you will be associated with Bob Tattoo Studio until you become professional in tattoo designing. This Tattoo training in Bangalore provides the tips, content written by renowned tattoo artists in the world like – Guy Aitchison, Russ Abbott, Nick Hurtado, Kat Won D & many more. As a Best Tattoo Training Studio in Bangalore, we believe in implementation, learning, and getting inspired by some highly experienced artists around the world.


Curriculum of Tattoo Training in Bangalore:


  1. Introduction to step by step procedures involved in designing a tattoo including stencil making and application –
  2. History of Tattooing in Various traditions & cultures involved in Tattooing
  3. Different style of tattooing followed in different cultures and countries Art Techniques – Design, Drawing, Flash.
  4. Theory of Tattoo Designing – Practicing in various Design techniques on paper and practice on skin
  5. Various tattoo drawing techniques with creative designs
  6. Steps of tattoo drawings – from outlining to shading & finalization
  7. Using Flash, helping and guiding new techniques for selecting the right flash Sterilization and Operational Techniques
  8. Introduction to various equipments
  9. Sterilization techniques
  10. OSHA Standards
  11. Handling and Safe disposal of used needles and other hazardous waste
  12. Packing and loading needles safely in the tip-tube without causing damage and injury Machine Construction & Adjustment
  13. Introduction to all the disposables and equipment’s
  14. Strip down and re-building tattoo machines
  15. Resetting and tensioning of spring assemblies on machines to give various penetrating power to suit various needle formations.
  16. Learning about the tattoo needles – Which one to use for outlining in fine with bold lines, coloring in large and small areas, shading & creating grey tones Tattooing Techniques
  17. Outlining Technique
  18. Shading Technique
  19. Color Technique
  20. Color Mixing & Theory
  21. Practice, Practice and Practice Aftercare
  22. Bandaging the Tattoo
  23. Aftercare Instructions
  24. Tattoo Healing Training