After Care

Tattoo Aftercare Instruction Guide 


Considering that tattoos are made to last a lifetime, the recovery period is fairly swift — the initial healing process lasts only about a week. However, skin needs up to 20-25 days to fully heal once the tattoo is done. While a tattoo is healing, proper care can help prevent infection and preserve its appearance in the long run.


STEP 1 (Basic Care)

Remove the bandage within the next 1 hour and clean the tattoo with water.

once cleaned, pat the tattoo dry with tissue paper (No Cotton or Cloth) then apply a thin coat of an antiseptic cream in Circular motion as explained in the studio for about a minute, then dab off the excess layer of cream. (The tattoo should not be too wet or dry, it should be adequately moist, do not over medicate it).

Keep the tattoo open and DO NOT re-bandage it again.

Follow the cream application procedure for the next 10 days, thrice a day.


STEP 2 (Shower Tips)

whenever you go for a shower apply a thin coat of a Vaseline gel over the tattoo so that it does not get wet.

Do not try to clean the tattoo during a shower, follow the cleaning procedure post shower. Make sure you don’t take too long for your showers keep them short.



Your tattoo will take approximately 7 to 10 days to completely heal.

Carry the cream along with you all the time.

During this healing process the tattoo will peel and flake.

DONOTpick,rub,scratch,or“helpalong”the scabbing process.Some scabbing is normal.

If the tattoo gets too itchy, DO NOT scratch.

DO NOT Wear anything tight or that will rub on the tattoo during the healing process (nylon, socks, denims, etc).

DO NOT expose your tattoo to chlorine pools, hot tubs, sauna, tanning salon, lake or ocean water, direct sunlight, or other harsh conditions and chemicals.

Avoid contact with pets and any cardio activities during the healing process.

DO NOT EXPERIMENT anything during the healing process.



Keep your tattoo clean & follow above instructions.

Please wash your hands thoroughly before touching or applying the cream on the tattoo.

When outdoors use Sun block cream (with SPF more then 50) to protect your tattoo (after it has healed).

We recommend that during the healing process you send us your tattoo picture daily so that we can to observe the healing progress.



1. Calendula Special (Orange & Yellow box)

2. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

3. Tissue Roll


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This information is not a substitute for medical care. If you have concern about your New Tattoo, or If you notice any signs of infection or an allergic reaction, seek medical advice immediately.